A final thought on Penn State

I am a teacher.  I have standards I have to be held up to, especially with children being abuse.  If I even SUSPECT a child is being sexually abused, let alone SEE it, and I don’t call the police myself, I not only can be fired, but I CAN GET MY ASS TOSSED IN JAIL. 

That’s right.  If the police and child services find out that a child was being abused and I knew but did not call the cops right then and there, I can get jail time for it. No telling the principal.  No “reporting”.  Call the cops or Childline or jail time.  And yes, this is in Pennsylvania. 

Paterno was a coach.  Coaches, by state definitions, are educators.  Therefore, Paterno was an educator.  Why he only had to report to a superior is beyond me.  He should have been held to the same standards as other educators. 

Teachers have “looked the other way” for ages.  I have heard and read way, way too many stories of kids being bullied and attacked and even assaulted and their teacher just turned a blind eye and ignored it.  I was bullied in middle school and I’m pretty sure the guidance counselor only found out because of my teacher who saw it all.  

Educators have a special responsibility.  We have to protect our students.  It’s part of the job.  My classroom will be a zero tolerance bullying zone.  I will not look the other way. 

It’s just so funny how many adults are holding Paterno on this pedestal.  But you could image if it was their child?  They would be out there with a shotgun! And to think, if I looked the other way as a teacher was assaulting a child, these parents would come at me as well!  

There’s already enough shit on the news about teachers doing bad things.  Every single time a teacher does something wrong, it goes on the news so people have something to bitch about because they want to raise their kids for them.  And yet, because this man is popular coach and his team won a lot, he gets special treatment.  As a teacher, I am 1000% sure that this is special treatment compared to what happened if I were to do something similar. 

Paterno was an educator. He should be held to the same standards as any other educator. Period. 

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You know the college students can be backward idiots when they refuse to support Occupy Wallstreet but will riot, light things on fire, throw rocks, and tip over cars because their beloved football coach could have saved 8 little boys from being raped but didn’t.

I’m losing my faith in people my age and humanity in general. 

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