Some things i have discovered while urban teaching music

Fifth graders do not like Metallica.  First graders do, especially “Enter Sandman”. 

Bluegrass > country

Fifth graders like Verdi’s “Dies Irae”

You will be begged to watch Annie

Boys are more open to the Nutcracker if you show them sections where the male is lifting the female a lot (ex. The Arabian Dance)

If you talk about how ballet dancers dance on their toes, be prepared for half the class (mostly boys) to try it and fall on the ground. 

Students will whine about doing rhythm cards until you put a backbeat to it.

Students like to show off; bring in an audience (principal/teacher/secretary/ etc) and they will automatically use their best effort. PS It’s not just you; they will do it to everyone

If you have a dreidel in your hand, their listening skills multiply X3

Young children will dance to anything

Turn it into a game and they will learn it much faster

Kids can pronounce my name easily and will correct adults

You will want to scoop a few kids up and take them home instead of giving them back to their parents

The child has been molded by the parent; children are not “bad” by default

Instruments are a good bribing method

Hugs will make your day

Sometime all kids need is someone who will listen
And the stories they have will break your heart

With music, sometimes the best way to teach is just through exposure 

Play is often a greater teaching tool than you gabbing

Seeing children teach each other while you simply monitor makes you feel like Superman

Seeing other teachers as exasperated as you are makes you feel a heck of a lot better

Children can have two faces; one with their peers, and one with you.  The second one is the more honest one. 

If you play/sing for your kids, it will probably blow their minds

Not every day will be productive, especially during testing or right before a break. That’s okay. 

Lesson plans are not set in stone.  Not even close. 

I stutter a lot and the kids either don’t notice or don’t care

Utilize student helpers; make it something to be earned rather than something given for a favorite

IF you feel crappy, remember how you felt your first day and realize how far you have come. 

Possibly TBC

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