Tip for those going to be student teaching/teaching soon

Leave your work at work.

As a full-time teacher, I was given this tip.  I have to wait for Tom to get off of school every day (I get done at 3:30 and he gets done at 4:40).  When I’m done doing hallway duty at 3:30, I get my classroom grades into Schoolmax (I am caught up on grading almost every day because of it) and do my planning for the day/few days.  I use that time to design rubrics, make copies, and grade projects.  I usually get a bit of Tumblr time in before Tom gets me. 

The only exception to this rule is planning over the weekend.  My tip for that is to take one day where you don’t think about teaching at all (we pick Saturday) and take part of another day to get that done (we pick Sunday night).  Sometimes if I know exactly what I want my kids to do, I get weekend-time planning done Friday while waiting after school.  Sometimes I’m too tired and just read the news instead.  Both work just fine. 

I understand that some people prefer to work from home.  And that’s awesome.  But for the rest of us, I would suggest leaving school stuff at school.  

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