I’ve been avoiding posting personal things because  most of my life revolves around teaching.  And I’m not a Tumblr popular teacher so I don’t get tons of comments on things I write.

But I just can’t stand people who are bitter.

It’s like they can’t stand to see people who are young and any sort of optimism.  They are bitter so now they feel like they have to drag you down with them.  And then at the same time, they walk around with this air of superiority, which makes absolutely no sense.  ”OH I hate children and my job and I’m just here for the money but I’M STILL BETTER THAN YOU AND YOU ARE STUPID AND KNOW NOTHING AND I KNOW EVERYTHING”. 

No wonder young teachers leave the profession in droves. No wonder most teachers in an urban school leave after they get tenure.  No wonder young teachers feel like all of their hopes, dreams, and optimism for the profession gets squashed out.  No wonder the rich and suburban schools tend to have the teachers with the most life.  

Bitterness only breeds more bitterness.

We may not have experience on our side, but new teachers have the newest knowledge and techniques.  Compared to teacher training in the past, our requirements are much stricter.  I’ve had veteran teachers tell me that they would not have gone into teaching if they had to have the requirements I needed.

But of course, we’re new and therefore we are both assumed stupid and assumed that we should already know everything.  It honestly affects our teaching. 

I honestly believe that one of the reasons education in this country is failing is because people refuse to support and encourage the next generation of teachers.